Aggrecoat 1.0mm

PlasterTEX Aggrecoat 1.0mm is a premium specialist wall coating consisting of a trowel applied base plaster into which a 1.0mm aggregate is embedded. The final effect is a fine stone finish with a natural feel and appearance, alternatively a clear sealer may be applied to enhance the colour and beauty of the aggregates.



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New or Redecoration of residential, commercial and industrial projects.
Substrate type: External or Internal wall surfaces that have been properly prepared. This includes surfaces such as cement plaster, concrete, masonry, gypsum, plasterboard, wood and metal.


  • Green initiative utilising the latest ecologically friendly technology
  • In compliance with world standards of <5g/litre for VOC
  • Free of MEG, APEO & AMMONIA
  • Free of Crystalline Silica therefore no concerns about Silicosis
  • Tinted with zero VOC colourants
  • Water based, ready to use, low odour and quick drying
  • Excellent application and adhesion properties
  • Finished film build ± 1.0mm
  • Effective for hiding minor surface imperfections
  • Water resistant but still allows the substrate to breathe
  • Tough and Durable
  • UV resistant to harsh southern hemisphere climatic conditions
  • Life expectancy of at least 10 years or longer

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