Internal Skimming Plaster

Used as a hairline crack filler, or as a scraper coat over cement plaster (eliminating the need for filling).
Also suitable for skimming over defects in plasterwork, for skimming after alterations or renovations to marry new and old surfaces, and for skimming over correctly prepared pre-painted surfaces to provide an even surface. Virtually all types of surfaces such as internal concrete, cement or gypsum can be covered to a uniform finish.



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Supplied ready for use, no on site mixing required. Once cured the surface is ready for the finishing coat. As it matt and off white in colour and therefore can substitute a first coat of paint. Excellent application and adhesion properties. User friendly with low odour and quick drying. Eco-friendly, low VOC levels, water-based, non-toxic, asbestos free or harmful ingredients.

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