Textured Acrylic Primer

A textured water based alkaline resistant plaster primer for use on a number of substrates prior to applying one of the Plastertex textured coatings. It has excellent obliteration properties to ensure that the substrate is evenly covered. A green generation product that has been specifically formulated utilising the latest ecologically friendly technology in the interest of our future generations.



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Interior and exterior use on properly prepared surfaces such as plaster, cement, bricks, composite boards etc. prior to applying one of the PlasterTex textured coatings. Suitable for binding & sealing of chalked and powdery surfaces to create key adhesion for textured coatings.


  • Green initiative utilising the latest ecologically friendly technology
  • In compliance with world standards of <5g/litre for VOC
  • Minimal levels of MEG, APEO & AMMONIA
  • Free of Crystalline Silica therefore no concerns about Silicosis
  • Tinted with zero VOC colourants
  • Water based, ready to use, low odour and quick drying
  • It has a low odour and a breakthrough additive to prevent fungal and algae growth
  • The actives within have improved resistance to Alkali, UV and leaching, ensuring better long term
    stability and efficiency
  • Excellent adhesion and penetration properties
  • Water resistant but still allows the substrate to breathe

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